Nursing Home Residents Living Without Choice and Control

A recent study shows that cognitively intact nursing home residents attach importance to CHOICE and CONTROL over basic life matters such as bedtime, rising time, food, roommates, care routines, use of money, use of the telephone, trips out of the nursing home, and initiating contact with a physician. Certified Nursing Assistants sound in on the fact that such control is important to residents:  Due to the necessity to effectively run a controlled environment, Nursing Home facilities and their staff are placing lower importance than residents on use of the telephone and personal expenditures and higher importance on control and choice over visitors and formal nursing home activities. Residents polled are not satisfied with their control and choice and nursing assistants agree that they are unlikely to experience control and choice of the areas of concern.

Aging in Place is the solution to spending the last phase of our lives in control of of lives. Living a long life is a virtue that should be honored with respect to one’s Choices and Rights. Home Care provides that solution. Having a Home Care Companion or a Certified Nursing Assistant at home enables us to live freely with support instead of restriction.