The Aging Brain on Music, Pets and a little Exercise

We know that music, pets, and exercise make us feel good – but did you know they can also make the aging brains stronger?

It used to be that getting older meant forgetting more, slowing down, and acting more and more like our grandparents. But that does not always have to be the case.
We can add years to our lives and boost our brain power by learning to play an instrument, jog around the block, or even bond with our dog. Science shows that the best thing we can do to keep our brains healthy is to stay active – both physically and mentally.
And the best news is that we don’t have to begin when we’re young. It is never too late to start.
And we don’t just keep our brains strong when we play an instrument or exercise. We grow new brain cells that build a more flexible brain that resists shrinkage.